Who Else Wants Safety Comfort and Performance in a Flip-Up Helmet from A Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer Everyone Trusts

If safety, comfort and performance are important in your choice of motorcycle helmet, it might help to take a look at the Multitec Modular Helmet from Shoei. Shoei Multitec HelmetIn this Shoei Multitec helmet review, we look at the features which make it a potentially market changing product, combining the convenience and comfort of a flip-up, with the practicality and aerodynamic advantages of a full face product.

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Announcing The New Shoei Neotec Helmet – Will 2012 Be The Year of the Flip-Up Helmet?

Who knows?  But one thing I do know is Shoei have launched theShoei Neotec Helmet Neotec; a new model of helmet that promises to be a significant advancement over its predecessor, the much loved Multitec.  Shoei just continue to improve each new design of helmet so the arrival is eagerly anticipated. Shoei has stated that the Neotec is not to be thought of as a replacement for the Multitec but as being an alternative helmet. Shoei are now offering two flip-up motorcycle helmets with its latest line up.  So let’s do a Shoei Neotec Helmet Review.

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At Last Someone Has Heavily Discounted Shoei Helmets

Hey, Keith here. It’s not often an opportunity to save big money on a new Shoei helmet comes along, and this one is so good I want to share it with you.  That’s because I think I’ve found a Shoei Helmet Sale that will save you hundreds of dollars! That’s right, for a very limited time only  you can get up to 26% off the price of a brand new Shoei helmet at this genuine Shoei Helmet Sale.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Motorcycle Touring in Africa

I’ve been a fan of Shoei DS Hornet helmets Shoei Hornet Helmet for years and I took this helmet on my African tour. I find them a good helmet for the kind of riding I do; long distance touring through a wide range of riding weather and road conditions. The Shoei DS Hornet helmet has been around for a few years now, but it still holds its own as far as motorcycle adventure touring is concerned. Nothing against other helmet brands. I have riding colleagues who are Arai helmet devotees.

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By This Time Next Week You Could Have A New Shoei RF1100 Helmet

The Shoei RF1100 is one of latest offerings in their helmet range.  Shoei have a long and respected track record since 1976 for using technological innovation in designing and manufacturing helmets that address the needs and desires of you, the discerning motorcyclist. The Shoei RF1100 is the result of a complete redesign replacing the popular RF1000.  The focus is on your comfort while providing unparalleled style, functionality and safety.

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At Last A Manufacturer Has Combined Comfort and Safety in a Performance Helmet – More Comfort Means Better Concentration For More Speed – The Shoei X12

The Shoei X12 helmet is a new beginning born from racing.  Shoei built upon the best pedigree in the motorcycle helmet business, when it proudly introduced the Shoei X12 in October 2009.  Shoei combined it’s 50 plus years of experience with feedback from clients and dealers with the very latest in technology and materials.  The build quality and construction is outstanding.  Safety and comfort are interrelated allowing the racer to concentrate on the task at hand.

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You’ll Just Love the Way The Best of Touring and Dual Sports Design Are Combined in The Shoei Hornet DS Helmet

The Shoei Hornet DS helmet, specifically designed for the adventure touring and dual sport market works as well as possible over the widest range of dual-sporting conditions.  The Shoei Hornet helmet overcomes the dual sports enthusiast’s dilemma of whether they should ride with a full face, on-road helmet lacking the air flow, visibility, eye shade, and style of a motocross helmet… or use the motocross helmet, goggles, and buffeting visor on the street with its limited face protection, high levels of wind noise, and lack of thermal protection in cold temperatures.  Shoei in effect offers two helmets for the price of one without sacrificing capability under any scenario making it the best of both worlds.

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Who Else Wants A Quiet Comfortable Safe Ride? Take a Serious Look at The Shoei Qwest Helmet

The Shoei Qwest replaces the TZ-R in Shoei’s lineup as its touring model. Built for long-range comfort, engineers honed the Shoei Qwest helmet aerodynamics in the wind tunnel. The goal was to reduce wind noise without blocking out the “informative sounds” of the road. The net result is a claimed 2.2 decibel reduction from its predecessor, or 60% decrease. The aerodynamic research also influenced the helmet’s shell shape, which like the rest of the latest generation of Shoei helmets, features a shell-integrated spoiler.

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