Shoei Multitec Helmet Review: A Tried and True Modular Helmet


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A convenient comfortable flip-up helmet presenting good value for money. $150 cheaper than the latest Neotec helmet.

Who Else Wants Safety Comfort and Performance in a Flip-Up Helmet from A Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer Everyone Trusts

If safety, comfort and performance are important in your choice of motorcycle helmet, it might help to take a look at the Multitec Modular Helmet from Shoei. Shoei Multitec HelmetIn this Shoei Multitec helmet review, we look at the features which make it a potentially market changing product, combining the convenience and comfort of a flip-up, with the practicality and aerodynamic advantages of a full face product.

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Motorcyclists have always been torn between the full face helmet and the flip-up, or modular design. Traditionally, the full face variety has been the easier variant, its natural flow making it the ideal design to prevent noise reduction and turbulence. But this has come at the expense of comfort, which is all important on long hot touring days. The simple act of riding at low speed in a hot climate and flipping up the face shield can make all the difference between an enjoyable ride, and suffering in the heat of the day.

Shape, Construction and Design

Some features of the Shoei Multitec are practical in nature, like the single button release which can be opened with either hand. This is ideal in situations like ferry crossings or other brief stops like dealing with traffic patrols! The Multitec is communication compatible for a variety of configurations, enabling riders to keep in touch when required, and the noise reduction features add to the ease of communication through the helmet.

Technically, the sculpted fiber glass integrated shell is a step up in design and creates an efficient aerodynamic system which does well in preventing noise and wind drag. Riders have always sought maximum noise reduction, combined with safety and comfort, and in this, the Shoei Multitec seems to make the grade.

Color and Style

Any Shoei Multitec helmet review will show that the Multitec is aesthetically good to look at; the matte finish in black giving a stylish, yet harder edge. Different color schemes are available, and provide a simple, classic style of appeal to riders who favor the touring environment. The finish is scratch resistant, improving the life and look of the helmet for the many kilometers of touring to come. A pleasant surprise is the interior slot for glasses wearers, providing a snug fit, yet not forcing the arms of the glasses into the riders head.

Ventilation and Air Flow

An air scoop ensures maximum air intake and directs the air across the face, minimizing turbulence and fogging. The face shield is three dimensionally designed, ensuring good visibility and safety and offers 100% protection from the sun and ultra-violet light. The shield itself is easily removed for cleaning, or replacement purposes.

Safety Features

Importantly, the Shoei Multitec is fully compliant with DOT standards so that riders can be fully confident that safety is covered, and they can concentrate on comfort and practical issues that will improve their touring experience. Sometimes safety and comfort are not compatible, so it is gratifying that Shoei has striven for the objective of maximizing comfort and performance, but never compromising on issues of industry standards.


For piece of mind, Shoei gives a 7-year warranty from the date of manufacture, or 5 years from the purchase date, so you are protected against any possible defects during the manufacturing process.

Summary of Features

  • Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) shell with excellent aerodynamics
  • One piece injection-molded for consistent fit
  • Upper “AirScoop” ensures maximum air intake
  • Lower vent directs airflow upward across the inside of the face shield reducing fogging and turbulence
  • Removable interior cheek pads and chin strap cover
  • Interior design reduces wind noise and provides a comfortable fit
  • Communication system compatible
  • The lower air intake provides air flow that helps to diminish shield fogging
  • Q.R.B.P. (QuickRelease Base Plate) allows toolless shield removal and eliminates side covers for a flush, quiet fit
  • 3 Dimensionally curved face shield for optical clarity
  • Scratchresistant coating
  • Adjustable Base Plates ensure an “AirTight” fit
  • 100% protection from harmful UV A & B RaysOptional (CF1V) racing shield with tearoff posts
  • Standards: DOT 218
  • Weight: 3.73 lbs/1690 grams (approx. for Size Medium Solid Color)

Best Prices We’ve Found

Right now you can snap yourself up a bargain because the Shoei Multitec is discounted 10% to $434.69 and is available in 11 block colors.

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Verdict (and a Suggestion)

On the basis of value for money, purchasers of the Shoei Multitec helmet can be confident they have made a good decision for their touring experience. Shoei has taken a balanced approach to safety, style and performance, elevating safe riding to a new, exciting level.

The feedback from various motorcycle gear websites to date reinforces our verdict that it is a convenient comfortable flip-up helmet presenting good value for money.   We’d give it 4 out of 5 stars as part of this Shoei Multitec helmet review.

Mind you, if you can easily afford an extra $150 in our opinion it is a no-brainer, and you should go for the Shoei’s latest and greatest modular helmet – the Neotec.

Now do not make the mistake thinking that once the Neotec hits the shelves that the Multitec will be discontinued and destined for the close out sales.  Shoei has not launched the Neotec as a replacement for the Multitec but as a complementary offering.

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