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The noticeable forward tilt and tapered rear spoiler make for excellent aerodynamics, delivering less wind noise and more stability at speed.

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The Shoei RF1100 is one of latest offerings in their helmet range.  Shoei have a long and respected track record since 1976 for using technological innovation in designing and manufacturing helmets that address the needs and desires of you, the discerning motorcyclist. The Shoei RF1100 is the result of a complete redesign replacing the popular RF1000.  The focus is on your comfort while providing unparalleled style, functionality and safety.

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To appreciate the fine technological advancements in design of the Shoei RF1100 watch this video by Shoei Helmets.

The noticeable forward tilt and tapered rear spoiler of the Shoei RF1100 make for excellent aerodynamics, delivering less wind noise and more stability at speed. The front opening of the Shoei RF1100 helmet is noticeably wider for improved peripheral vision, and the Q.R.S.A. (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) visor system not only allows for a quick and convenient way to swap visors, but also a tighter seal against the wind and elements. The inner liner is completely removable, and the unique six-vent airflow system means you stay even cooler during summer riding. The Shoei RF1100 helmet includes eyeglass channels and an integrated padded neck collar reducing wind noise.

The Snell M2010 approved shell is stronger – your head simply cannot be better protected.  The RF1100 utilizes a composite of fiberglass and “organic fiber” with Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ shell.  This technology embeds strong fibers into the fiberglass for a light tough shell. The notables of the new M2010 standard are that the allowable G Force theshold has dropped from 300 to 275G and secondly that variable head circumference masses matching the European ECE 22.05 standard.

The ventilation of the RF1100 runs through three intake in the chin and forehead areas and six exhaust vents.  The Shoei RF1100 has a tapered head spoiler in the back.  All vent adjustments can be operated with gloves on.  The spoiler is designed to reduce lift and improve aerodynamics.  Wind tunnel testing established that exhaust vents higher on the back of the helmet provided more negative pressure suction and better ventilation.

If you want the reassurance of a well fitted helmet the Shoei RF1100 is for you.  Shoei offers five different shell sizes for the RF1100 offering helmet fits from XXS to XXXL.  Shoei pride themselves on size consistency through their product line. The RF1100 comes in a wide variety of fabulous designs with enticing names such as Conquerer, Diabolic, Enigma, Firestrike and Warload; as well as the usual range of solid colors.

The Shoei RF1100 is a quality helmet with an excellent fit and finish with a sturdy interior.  It is one of the quietest and most comfortable helmets offering the following:-

  • complete redesign replacing the popular RF1000 with protection paramount
  • one of the first road helmets to achieve the new Snell M2010 standard
  • Shoei’s proprietary AIM+ shell utilizes a composite of fiberglass and organic fiber for a light tough shell
  • Five different shell sizes offering fits from XXS to XXXL
  • New Quick Release Self Adjusting (QRSA) spring loaded base plate system for a tight wind and  waterproof seal
  • A wider taller face new CW-1 face shield
  • Blocks 99% of UVA and UVB radiation
  • Removable washable inner liner teams with the chin skirt and neck pad
  • Cheek pads in six thicknesses
  • Removable breath guard and chin curtain
  • Glove friendly ventilation adjustments
  • Upgradable Pinlock system available for more fog resistance.
  • Street legal in the UK and Europe at the time the RF1100 was released
  • Backed up with a five year warranty.

Shoei helmets are trusted by millions of riders world wide.  So why shouldn’t you?

We’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars as part of this Shoei Multitec helmet review.

If You Were Ever Going To Buy Yourself a Shoei RF1100, Now Is The Time…

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Essentially they’re heavily discounting their product just so they can dominate the motorcycle helmet market. However I won’t be surprised if they increase the price back to normal shortly, so I would recommend you go straight to their site right now and buy yourself a RF1100…

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