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Build quality and construction are outstanding.  Safety and comfort are interrelated allowing the rider to concentrate on racing. A slightly cheaper competitor to the Arai Corsair V

At Last A Manufacturer Has Combined Comfort and Safety in a Performance Helmet – More Comfort Means Better Concentration For More Speed – The Shoei X12

The Shoei X12 helmet is a new beginning born from racing.  Shoei built upon the best pedigree in the motorcycle helmet business, when it proudly introduced the Shoei X12 in October 2009.  Shoei combined it’s 50 plus years of experience with feedback from clients and dealers with the very latest in technology and materials.  The build quality and construction is outstanding.  Safety and comfort are interrelated allowing the racer to concentrate on the task at hand.

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Bret Milan of Shoei said in 2010 it’s engineers were faced with the gruelling task of improving on the X-Eleven which was already considered to be the best motor cycle racing helmet.   The Shoei X12 and RF-1100 are among the first helmets to meet the new Snell M2010 safety standard. Watch Shoei’s video here -

Shoei has a proprietary AIM+ shell technology which utilizes a composite of fiberglass and organic fiber for a light tough shell.   The Shoei X12 offers 5 shell sizes to ensure a custom fit from XXS to XXL.  More shell sizes mean the owner will have a better chance of finding the precise fit.  If you are shopping for a helmet, get the best helmet with the best fit available and wear it.  Helmets are not the place for false economy, especially if you are on the race track.

The Shoei X12 has Shoei’s QRSA base plate system allowing for a quick and convenient way to swap visors and a spring loaded tighter wind and waterproof seal against the elements.

The Shoei X12 helmet offers awesome visibility thanks to the new CW-1 system.   CW-1 shield is wider and taller than the earlier one.   The CW-1 and CWF-1 shields both work in conjunction with shoei’s optional pinlock system to allow fog free vision in the most challenging conditions.  The new pinlock offers fog free vision right to the top of the shield.

Ventilation is a priority because racing gets so hot.  The Shoei X12 offers 5 intake and 10 exhaust vents making it the most aggressively vented helmet Shoei has ever produced.  Wind tunnel testing identified the best location for intake and exhaust vent placement in the Shoei X12. In all the helmet reduces wind drag and lift at high speed and increases comfort and reduces fogging.

Shoei’s patented 3D Max Dry interior system dissipates sweat two times as fast as traditional nylon.  The lining is fully removable and washable in the Shoei X12 helmet.  The 3D fit matches the contours of the rider’s head and provides a comfortable fit for distraction free high speed riding.

The Shoei X12 helmets have cheek pads available in different thicknesses to allow riders to customise the fit.  The eye glass channels as well as an intergrated neck pad provide a quiet rider experience.  The liner has generously sized ear pockets for a problem free intercom speaker fit.

The Shoei X12 incorporates Shoei’s new patented exclusive Emergency Quick Release System to allow medical personnel to quickly remove the cheek pads from a rider’s helment.  With the cheek pads out the helmet can be more easily removed.  A pair of red “pull” tabs are located on the bottom of the helmet between the liner and shell.  The helmet also features a breath guard and chin curtain to complete the comfort package.

There is small increase in weight of an extra 150g in comparison to the X-11 first introduced in 2003  but this is not noticeable.


  • Quick Release Self-Adjusting plate system (QRSA)
  • AIM+ Shell construction with five sizes
  • Snell M2010 Approved
  • A wider taller face CW-1 shield
  • Blocks 99% of UVA and  UVB radiation
  • Aero Edge 2 Spoiler
  • Ventilation System
  • Dual-Layer EPS Liner
  • 3D Max Dry Interior System
  • Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS)
  • Removal Breath Guard and Chin Curtain
  • Street legal in the UK and Europe at the time of release
  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • 5 year warranty and Shoei’s superior customer service

The Shoei X12 helmet is a direct albeit slightly cheaper competitor to the Arai Corsair V which can cost up to $870 depending upon your choice of colour and graphics.

The Shoei X12 helmet is trusted by many professional racers. 

If You Were Ever Going To Buy Yourself a Shoei X12, Now Is The Time…

The feedback from various motorcycle gear websites to date reinforces our verdict that it is a convenient comfortable flip-up helmet presenting good value for money.   We’d give it 5 out of 5 stars as part of this Shoei X-12 helmet review.

Right now there’s a major deal going on with Shoei Helmets. A friend of mine informed me that the reason is because they’re running a huge promotion to boost their brand and stand out amongst their market even more.

Essentially they’re heavily discounting their product just so they can dominate the motorcycle helmet market. However I won’t be surprised if they increase the price back to normal shortly, so I would recommend you go straight to their site right now and buy yourself a X12;

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